Convivium Musicum | Reviews
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Review Highlights

Convivium #4 (1 of 1) copySweelinck (June 2015): A Fringe Oasis of Light and Joy by Fred Bouchard in the Boston Musical Intelligencer

Messiah with the Cape Cod Symphony Orchestra, December 2013: “Messiah” a minimalist delight by Keith Powers in the Cape Cod Times

March 2013 Boston Camerata Machaut concert reviews: the Boston Globe Machaut Review March 2013, the Boston Musical Intelligencer, and The Arts Fuse

Brahms and Early Music (January 2013): Brahms the Antiquarian, by Christopher Marinuzzi; and June 2013: in the ArtsBeat blog of The New York Times

Josquin’s Playlist (January 2011) : Summoning Serenity from Convivium Musicum, by David Patterson in the Boston Musical Intelligencer